Undetected cracks in wheels caused by fatigue or mishandling can cause catastrophic failures that have the ability to seriously injure or kill people in the vicinity. Sentry is a conditioning fluid and lubricant specially formulated to seek out rim cracks, bead & vent hole leaks, and punctures. With Sentry’s patent pending technology, the liquid fluoresces under UV light and alerts technicians of unseen tire and wheel problems. When treated with Sentry, tires, wheels, rims, and fittings are protected from rust and corrosion. Beads remain lubricated for ease of dismounting and extending tire life. The use of Sentry in a tire will reduce air loss due to porosity leaks by up to 90%, extending the tire life, improving tread wear, and improving fuel efficiency.

Sentry contains a proprietary formulation of corrosion inhibitors that will keep wheels and fittings protected and clean.

  • Identifies significantly more rimcracks than other conditioners.
  • Protects wheels and rims from corrosion.
  • Saves casings by making dismounting easier.
  • Increases tread and tire life.
    Will not block valve stems.
  • Freeze protection to -24oF (-31oC).
  • Eliminates rust on rims and wheels.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Hydro dynamically balances high speed truck tires.
  • Water soluble.
  • Identifies rim cracks
  • Prevents rust build-up by creating an anti-corrosive coating on rims and wheels
  • Maintains tire pressure, extending the life of the tire
  • Is environmentally friendly and non-toxic
  • Cleans effortlessly for section repairs
  • Prevents rim corrosion with the strongest anti-corrosion package in the industry
  • Is more stable at higher and lower temperatures than other leading tire conditioners
  • Has greater lubricity than other conditioners, allowing for easier mounting and dismounting of tires.

OSHA requires all cracked rims to be removed and serviced or discarded. "Never use any multi-piece rim parts that are worn, bent, cracked or pitted by corrosion"