Frequestly Asked Questions


Question: How does Simoniz sealtite work for the life of the tire?

Answer: Simoniz sealtite has the unique ability to last for the life of the tire due to the high quality components that are used. It will not separate or deteriorate for the life of the tire. Plugs made by Simoniz sealtire are made of ceramic fibers. These ceramic fiber plugs last for the life of the tire. Even after 250,000+ miles, Simoniz sealtite will maintain its origional effectiveness.
Question: How does Simoniz sealtite help prevent tire blowouts?

Answer: Punctures are the #1 cause of blowouts. A driver who picks up a puncturing object will lose air in that tire, causing the tire to heat up and degrade. Ultimately,the tire completely disintegrates. Simoniz sealtite will prevent air loss and in turn prevent blowouts.
Question: Simoniz sealtite and balancing powders, can they be mixed?

Answer: Simoniz sealtite actually eliminates the need for balancing powders. Simoniz sealtite performs the same functions as balancing powders, eliminating vibrations cause by unbalanced or out of round tires. In addition it protects against flats and maintains air pressures. Simoniz sealtite cannot be mixed with balancing powders.
Question: What is the largest puncture that Simoniz sealtite will seal?

Answer: Simoniz sealtite is guaranteed to seal punctures up to 1/4" in diameter. Punctures that are larger than 1/4" are often sealed as well. This ability to seal punctures larger than 1/4 in. diameter is more apparent in slower moving vehicles.
Question: What about recapping?

Answer: Simoniz sealtite can be removed from the used tire casing by washing with water, using a vacuum, or by letting the product evaporate after the tire is dismounted (approx. 1 week). Simoniz sealtite does not degrade the casing. In fact, recappers have found that Simoniz sealtite helps maintain the integrity of the casing, allowing for more recaps. Existing punctures in the casings are visible due to the white color of the ceramic plug
Question: How does Simoniz sealtite compare to a products like 'Fix-a-Flat'?

Answer: Simoniz sealtite is a new approach and dramatic improvement over aerosol flat repairs which offer temporary after-the-flat repair. Simoniz sealtite prevents flats from happening and the seal is permanent with no future repair required. In addition, Simoniz sealtite is non-explosive, non-flammable, non-combustible, and contains no adhesives that tend to bond the rim to the tire.
Question: How do you break down a tire containing Simoniz sealtite?

Answer: Simoniz sealtite does not affect breaking down the tire in any way. The water based product contains no glues or adhesives; therefore, it will not bond to the rubber or the rim. It is non-explosive, non-flammable, and non-combustible.
Question: How do rims benefit from Simoniz sealtite?

Answer: There is often some moisture in the air used to inflate the tire. Over time corrosion inhibitors that will prevent any corrosion of metals inside the tire or rim. The rim and wheel will be better protected from corrosion than without Simoniz sealtite. Metals protected include, but are not limited to: brass, copper, aluminum, iron, steel, chrome and magnesium alloy.
Question: If installing Simoniz sealtite in a tire not yet in service, must it be driven immediately?

Answer: No. If installing the product into tires that are not going into service immediately, Simoniz sealtite will remain in the tire in its origional consistency, but, it will not become effective until the vehicle is driven.
Question: Does load weight affect Simoniz sealtite performance or dosage requirements?

Answer: No, Simoniz sealtite performs in the same manner regardless of load weight. The dosage will remain the same regardless of load weight.
Question: Can Ballast Boost be installed with a standard calcium chloride pump?

Answer: Yes, it may be mixed with the liquid ballast solution before the solution is pumped into the tire, or, it may be pumped into a tire already filled with a liquid ballast solution.