• Reduces air loss due to tread punctures by 90%. Ceramic  fiber technology is the key!
  • Protects rims against corrosion
  • Helps to maintain tire pressure, resulting in extended tire life
  • Protects the environment. Our sealants contain only environmentally non-toxic propylene glycol
  • Increases retreadability
Simoniz® Sealtite™ Pro-Plus reduces flats by instantly and permanently sealing punctures up to 1/2" in diameter within the tread area.

Ceramic fibers hold the penetrating object in place to prevent further tire damage.

Through centrifugal force, Sealtite™ Tire Sealant forms a protective layer over the entire interior of the tread.

When a puncture occurs, ceramic fibers between 2mm and 20mm in length instantly build a plug at the puncture site. Sealtite™ will seal around a nail or other object, but is recommended that such objects be removed.

SIMONIZ® Sealtite™  PRO -PLUS is a ceramic fiber based tire sealant formulated  to seal punctures in the treads of heavy duty, high-speed tires. This unique, environmentally friendly, wheel safe* formulation, instantly creates a permanent seal in tube and tubeless tires.

Sealtite™ PRO-PLUS is specially designed to withstand centrifugal forces and heat build-up in high-speed tires. The ceramic fiber formulation gives Sealtite™ PRO-PLUS unmatched sealing capabilities.

Sealtite™ PRO-PLUS seals tread punctures up to 1/2 “ in diameter. Designed for high speed tires, Sealtite™ PRO-PLUS is ideal for mixed use applications such as waste trucks  and scrap haulers.

Treating RVs and buses with Sealtite™ PRO-PLUS provides an added level of safety for the precious cargo they carry. This wheel safe* formulation will last the life of the tires.

All Simoniz® Sealtite™ tire sealants and conditioners contain  a proprietary formulation of corrosion inhibitors that will keep wheels and fittings  protected and clean.


  • Seals tread punctures up to
    1/2 “ in diameter.
  • Protects wheels and rims from corrosion
  • Saves casings by making dismounting easier
  • Hydrodynamically balances high-speed truck tires. Ideal for waste vehicles.
  • Keeps inner liner supple Increases tread and tire life Freeze protection to -24°F
  • Eliminates rust on rims and wheels
  • Will not block valve stems
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Water soluble

Ceramic fiber technology: Simoniz® Sealtite™ products are the world's only sealants which incorporate ceramic fiber based formulations. Unlike those of other sealants, this plug never washes away and is permanent.

Savings: Our sealants slash downtime due to flat tires, saving our customers thousands of dollars in repair costs and man hours each year.