About Us

SIMONIZ Sealtite® was developed in 1995, following two years of research by our engineers specializing in pneumatics, blending applications and mechanical dynamics. This research was aimed at finding an innovative solution to seal tire punctures in the most effective way possible. Using the latest technologies available, durable ceramic fibers were added to the fiber mix and the optimal formulation was achieved.

During the formulation process, we were determined to design a sealant which would not only have superior sealing capabilities, but would prevent rust and corrosion on all metal types. Working with many of the top chemical companies in the U.S., a wheel safe formulation which contains the most effective anti corrosive chemical agents of any sealant in the market was developed.
A new standard in flat tire prevention was born- A sealant which never corrodes the rims and whose CERAMIC fibers can permanently seal punctures of 3/8 inch – to ½ inch in diameter.

In 2001, SIMONIZ Sealtite® products were honored with certifications by two prestigious independent institutions: the Smithers Scientific Services in the United States (tests for the U.S. Government), and the German agency TÜV (a government supported testing Institution).

In 2002, our products were certified to be environmentally safe by the URS Corporation .

In 2007,the Southwest Research Institute certified that our products to not cause imbalance in tires and are safe to use with TPMS units.