• Prevents rust build-up by creating an anti-corrosive  coating on rims and wheels
  • Keeps the tire casing supple, maintaining retreadability
  • Maintains tire pressure extending the life of the tire
  • Is environmentally friendly and non-toxic
  • Lubricates rims and tires for easy dismounting
  • Cleans effortlessly for section repairs







Simoniz Sealtite® contains corrosion inhibitors which protect any type of metal found in tires, rims or valve stems.

LIFE X-TEND  is a conditioning fiuid and lubricant formulated for the most extreme conditions. When treated with LIFE X-TEND, tires, wheels, rims, and fittings are protected from rust and corrosion. Tire casings remain supple, improving the ease of dismounting, and extending tire life.

LIFE X-TEND will significantly  increase the life of your tires by reducing porosity air loss. An average truck tire loses 2-5 psi per month due to porosity leaks. Studies have shown that the use of LIFE X-TEND in a tire will reduce air loss due to porosity leaks by up to 90%, extending the overall life span of an average tire by 10% to 30%.

ires treated with LIFE X-TEND will experience more even tread wear, greater fuel efficiency and lower fuel costs, adding thousands of miles to the life of a tire

All Simoniz® Sealtite™ tire sealants and conditioners contain a  proprietary formulation of corrosion inhibitors that will keep wheels and fittings  protected and clean.


  • Seals tread punctures up to
    3/8 “ in diameter.
  • Specially designed for heavy- duty equipment
  • Protects wheels and rims from corrosion
  • Keeps bead area pliable
  • Saves casings by making dismounting easier
  • Keeps inner liner supple
  • Increasest read and tire life
  • Freeze protection to -24°F
  • Eliminates rust on rims and wheels
  • Will not block valve stems
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Water soluble

LIFE X-TEND  is a conditioning fluid and lubricant for the most extreme conditions that tires encounter.  The tire casing remains supple, improving the ease of dismounting,and extending tire life.